Gaeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm worked for ten years at a Big Four bank and he wasn’t happy with how they operated on too many levels to stick around. He didn’t enjoy being pigeonholes into spending his work time focused on a single product or service. Holm was also upset by the bad deals he saw so many Australian families taking from predatory institutions. Resolving to provide an advocacy service for consumers, Holm and his business and romantic partner, Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia began with the two sitting at a pair of desks in a small room doing research. After six months they began offering services to consumers, focused on reducing debt, planning for retirement and wealth creation the two found out that there was indeed a market for these services.


Client success means business success for Infinity Group Australia. They make their profits when the client saves money. Infinity Group Australia has helped their clients save money on their mortgages, make and stick to a budget, invest, reduce principal and plan retirement budgets. 100% of their clients pay off more of their home loans in the first three months of using Infinity Group Australia’s service than they did in the year prior. Many of their customers pay off 30-year loans in 7-10 years.


Holm and Walker had the vision to change the real estate market in Australia and the services they offer may just be doing that. With overwhelmingly positive reviews online, Infinity Group Australia doesn’t just e-mail you a budget and a bill for services. They provide their clients with ongoing counselling over the life of their loan, mortgage or retirement plan. By sticking around and helping their clients through the entire process- and beyond- they ensure that the work did to help a family continues to help them and to ensure more Australian families have a secure financial future.


Holm is a Top 100 Broker in the MBA with over 17 years of experience in Australian finance. He not only co-founded Infinity Group Australia but is also involved with community charity. He has led the company to donate a jeep, a home renovation, scholarships and sponsors the Cronulla Sharks, a team in the National Rugby League.


Graeme Holm promotes customer service and collaboration as key values in the his and Infinity Group Australia’s success, promoting that his employees work with professionals from other finance companies. Learn more:

The Chainsmokers; Setting Records

The Chainsmokers have recently released a series of new singles from their debut album Memories…Do Not Open. The album is still holding strong on the charts despite being released so long ago (approximately one year). So much so, it matched a long running record on the Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The most popular electronic records land themselves on this chart. The Chainsmokers’ album recently hit the thirty-four consecutive week mark. There’s no sign of the album slowing down anytime soon.

Memories…Do Not Open has officially tied with the Gorillaz’s album Demon Days. That album is actually still sitting pretty on the charts. It has been thirteen years since it originally debuted. The thirty-four week record is the third highest amount of consecutive weeks on the chart. If the trend continues it looks like The Chainsmokers will end up beating the record. Leaving the Gorillaz in the dust, The Chainsmokers might be coming for the number one and two spots. There are some pretty impressive tracks on the record. Artists like Halsey got their fame from the Memories album. We can only sit and wait to find out what kind of hits are going to come from future work from The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers first debut hit the charts hard and heavy. It was number one in its first week on the Top Dane / Electronic Albums chart. It seemed as though one hit was coming after another. Anytime you turned on the radio, it was part of the top forty breakdown. Memories…Do Not Open has not left the top five spots since it came out. Some pretty impressive releases have come out from other artists this past year. Nothing has touched The Chainsmokers record. Calvin Harris, William Control and Above & Beyond are all struggling to catch up. Even Avicii’s album didn’t make its way back to the top after his untimely death this year. We can only sit back and wait to see what will come of The Chainsmokers reign. This is one group that has withstood the test of time.

Drew Madden; CVS and Amazon face off

Drew Madden is healthcare IT entrepreneur with a passion for building a modern healthcare industry. This week, there have been two reports in the healthcare sector. One of them reported that CVS is thinking of purchasing insurance giant Aetna. The second report exposed that Amazon got pharmacy licenses in several states. The authorizations certified the distribution of pharmaceutical products and equipment, not necessarily prescription medicine. However, it is clear that Amazon is trying to gain such clearances. There is a connection between the two reports as many investors invested in this pool.

There are rumors that Amazon is diving in the deep end in the pharmaceutical business. With the company’s resilient nature, it will be a robust competitor in the sector. The broad fan base that Amazon enjoys secured platforms to kick-start the project. Such dominance has pushed pharmaceutical firms, like CVS and PBM, to acquire insurance policies in a state of defense. When Amazon publicly announced its move to promote prescription drugs on a national level, it instigated the move by the firms. Moreover, the two companies later consider such moves on an independent platform. Also, Amazon is known to be a-one-stop-retail-store since its startup. CVS, on the other hand, is getting its services insured. It is also merging a healthcare plan, retail network, insurance, and pharmacy to provide a wholesome healthcare system.

If the CVS plans come into play, then the pharmaceutical giant will have provided a conducive environment for the patient. With this in motion, it would be difficult for any other company trying to bring in competition. Experts are claiming that this is an evolution in the healthcare department. They are bringing in almost every aspect of healthcare into one institution. Such moves will enable the healthcare department to open up doors to other companies that offer the same services. In recent times, the healthcare system has fused with developments technology. It has enabled medical programs to work more efficiently, unlike past times. The most commendable thing about such moves made by the two companies is the millions of people it will reach. Healthcare will have undergone a revolution of its own.

Bob Reina: His Work Will Be Forever Remembered

The work that Bob Reina is doing is the kind of work that is going to be remembered for a very, very long time. The good news is that Bob Reina has been doing this for eleven years and he has no plans of stopping or slowing down. As a matter of fact, he wants to keep doing more for the customers of Talk Fusion. At the end of the day, Bob Reina wants his customers, employees, and the world to be in a great place. He is very happy with his life, so his main focus is everyone else out there. It is uniquely rare to find someone with that type of attitude.


However, Bob Reina is that rare human being. After all, it is truly quite an inspiring story to know he started out as a police officer. That is one of the riskiest jobs out there, but Bob Reina has always been prepared for the task at hand. He was raised the right way and since he was raised properly, he knows the importance of helping out other people out there. He knows sometimes they can’t help themselves in certain situations and there is no shame in that.


That is why Bob Reina wants them to feel comfortable in coming up to him and asking for help in using Talk Fusion. Between their video newsletters and video emails, they have the tools for the individual that is just plain sick and tired of their desk job. The desk job has made them a different person, and they are not happy about it. They want to change it around and they want to change it around as quickly as they can because life should be lived to the fullest. When they are the bosses of their own company, things start to look very different for them.


As a matter of fact, they look better than ever. They can treat people the way they wish they had been treated. They can make sure everyone feels comfortable, safe, and happy. Most of all, they can feel like they are being treated with respect. Respect is an important thing for a lot of people out there, and who can blame them? They want to know their work is being acknowledged and people are noticing what they are putting into the job. It makes them work harder knowing someone is paying attention and sees them.


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Todd Lubar  Highly Influential Real Estate Tycoon and Financier

If you are interested in the world of real estates, following the footsteps of the prominent real estate analysts and investor Todd Lubar would undoubtedly give you a good idea of the path to follow to achieve success in this competitive sector. The real estate market is a highly complicated one and understanding its dynamics can be complicated for someone who is new to the business. However, Todd Lubar has over twenty-five years of experience with the real estate scene of Maryland and has worked with some of the leading real estate financing and mortgage banking companies. It has given him the in-depth understanding of how the real estate industry functions, and what needs to be done to make your real estate investment work for you.


Todd Lubar says that the people who are talking about the negative aspects of the Baltimore real estate landscape don’t know the whole truth. Todd said that people are just following the news and rumors blindly and not doing their research, which is clouding their judgment when it comes to investing in the booming real estate space of Baltimore. Todd Lubar said that the youth population in Baltimore is increasing at a rapid pace and more and more companies are coming to Baltimore because of the easy availability of the competent young employees. Also, the youth-oriented environment and the supportive local community have helped many entrepreneurs to start their start-ups in the city. The supportive business environment has also influenced the real estate market as the demand for the condominiums and apartments grow.


Many realtors and developers in the region are building new modern homes and apartments for the youth population that is relocating here. The prices are competitive in the real estate market of Baltimore, and as per Todd, the right time is now to invest in Baltimore. It is because as more and more companies make their base in Baltimore, and the youth population continues to relocate here; the prices are only going to go up in the future. Investing now would help people book massive profits in the future. Todd Lubar has studied speech communication from Syracuse University. He joined the Crestar Mortgage Corporation and worked there for few years as a loan originator. After leaving Crestar Corporation, Todd Lubar joined Legendary Investments and helped its branch in Maryland to become highly profitable by generating business amounting to several hundred million dollars.


Todd Lubar currently serves as the President at TDL Ventures and is the Senior Vice President of the Charter Funding Corporation. He has an in-depth understanding of the real estate financing and mortgage banking and uses his expertise to help people and corporations get the funding they need to purchase their first home or invest in the commercial real estate market respectively.



The Many Expansions of OSI Industries

OSI Industries began as a small, family owned operation, but over the years, it has grown into an international supplier of food goods. The company now has 20,000 employees stationed over 17 countries. They have a total of 65 operational facilities.

Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of the OSI Industries, creating Otto & Sons in the early 1900s. The company was created during a time when the German immigrant population in Chicago was booming: German immigrants made up 25% of Chicago’s total population. The city was the perfect place for a German immigrant to create a business, and Otto took full advantage of the culture of the city at the time: Otto created a butcher shop.

It took a few decades for Otto & Sons to catch their first big break. A new restaurant had just opened in Illinois and Otto & Sons was tasked with supplying the meat for the restaurant. This restaurant was McDonald’s.

The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in 1955, and as McDonald’s grew so did Otto & Sons.

The years following the partnership with McDonald’s, Otto & Sons became an well known entity. When new technology enabled food supplier to flash freeze their products, Otto & Sons became one of McDonald’s main four suppliers of hamburger meat, further cementing the company’s place in history.

Otto & Sons created a plant purely to produce McDonald’s goods in 1973. The plant was located in West Chicago, Illinois. Two years later Otto & Sons changed name to OSI Industries. The name changed officially marked the transition of the company from being a local supplier of meat to a national audience. The leadership of the company also changed at this time, as Sheldon Lavin took on more responsibilities in the company.

After Lavin moved up in the company meat production increased. In 1977, OSI Industries officially began to expand on its own. OSI was already distributing all over the United States, but this was the first time they opened a building outside of Illinois. OSI opened a facility in Utah.

In modern times, OSI Industries is continuing to expand. They have recently purchased Baho Foods and Flagship Europe, further expanding their operational territory.

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Tony Petrello- His Education

Tony Petrello is known as the CEO of the oil and natural gas drilling giant called Nabors Industries. It is a company with headquarters in Texas. He is also one of the top-paid CEOs in the United States. Part of the reasons why he has performed exceptionally well is because he is a hard worker. He was brought up and taught that all he needs in life is the commitment to achieve the goals he has. This is how he managed to grow from a humble family to now a leading one of the top companies in the world known as Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello commitment to work is something which saw him work very hard in his early life. He went to a public school, but this did not prevent him from beating students from private institutions hands down. His prowess, especially in mathematics, is something which has earned him a great opportunity in life. This is how he got a chance to study at an Ivy League university. While he was in high school, he demonstrated unique abilities in solving mathematical problems. In fact, he was considered a genius in mathematics. He could solve problems which could only be solved by people at advanced levels of studies.

Tony Petrello was spotted by the Yale University who offered him a full scholarship to study in their university. He was to take a degree in mathematics and be mentored by a fellow mathematics genius in the university Professor Serge Lang. This opportunity opened doors for tony Petrello after completing his bachelor; he started his masters. While in the university he worked together with Serge Lang where they proved numerous mathematical theories. After completing his masters, he felt that there was no need to continue with the degree. He dropped out of mathematics and joined law. He moved to the Harvard School of Law where he graduated with a JD.

After graduating with a law degree he moved to New York where he practiced with a firm known as Baker & McKenzie. In a few years, he had grown to be a managing partner of the law firm because he was bringing many clients to the company. His brilliance continued even in law. He helped many businesses to solve challenges mostly on matters of finances. It is while working for this firm that he met his now employer Nabors Industries. He was handling their case when they realized that he was particularly very good in problem- solving and hired him as their Chief Operating Officer in 1991.

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Dick DeVos Article Recap

Dick DeVos is one of the new council members appointed to the Management Advisory Council by the Federal Aviation Administration. The council was created to help the FAA come up with new regulations, policies, and future growth. While the FAA has already been working on new ideas to handle advances in technology, it has yet to come up with solutions for price stabilization and employment problems that have plagued the industry for years.


DeVos is familiar with many of the issues that have plagued the industry for years. He has been working alongside airline executives and the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Now he will be working alongside transportation authorities and former airline executives to affect the policies and regulations that will shape the aviation industry in the future.


There are a lot of things that many do not know about Dick DeVos. For one, he is more than just a businessman. For more than 30 years, he has been working with business leaders and airline executives. He is also an avid pilot as well with licenses for jets and helicopters. It started in the 1990s when he wanted to look at new ways to grow Grand Rapids, his hometown and place he lived with his wife, the US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.


He started by looking at areas of downtown where he could invest in as a philanthropist, and then he looked towards education. After a governor run in Michigan, he became the President and CEO of The Windquest Group. For many years, he has also been a partner to the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford Airport, which has been expanding in recent years. Ever since its re-launch in 1999, DeVos has worked with the airport to add new flights and terminals from different airlines, including Air Tran Airways and Southwest.


Recently, the airport underwent a major renovation that cost over $45 million. The renovation brought together several airlines who chipped in to make sure that the terminals, food court, and business traveler areas were upgraded. The new business traveler center will contain all new technology to help service the clientele of the airport, which is mainly business travelers from Canada and Mexico.


There are also a ton of new flights added on, including those to Orlando, St. Louis, Las Vegas, and Denver. These new flights allow travelers to go just about anywhere through the Grand Rapids Airport.


DeVos has contributed greatly to the changes in Grand Rapids, making it one of the top cities in Michigan and an overall rapidly growing city in America. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, many new buildings were also created to promote growth in downtown, such as the DeVos Performing Arts Center and DeVos Convention Center.


DeVos will be meeting with the council every three months to give his advice on what to do next.


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No More Merci from Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is currently one of the hottest up and coming CEOs in the country. She is the leader of the dating app known as Bumble. This particular online love connection portal has been around since 2014 and it is now a huge online success. Millions of women in America and around the world love Bumble. It is so far removed from the other online dating sites in its approach to relationships and courting.

Bumble is an app that puts women first. They make it a point to put women first in the dating relationship and in life. Whitney Wolfe’s sight might be about love connections, but it also promotes a feminist agenda. This is very important to Wolfe and her female staff. Most of her employees are females and many of them spend a lot of time on Bumble trying to figure out ways to make the site better.

Bumble’s CEO knows that she needs to keep her dating site a place that caters for women. She has always wanted to make an online portal for females to feel safe, comfortable and respected. That is what Bumble is pushing for when it comes to their site. This is one of the reasons why Bumble only allows women to start a conversation and make the first move. Men can try, but the most they can do is show interest. It is strictly up to a female to figure out if she is going to continue talking with a guy.

Bumble is also on the front line of the modern feminist movement. Wolfe wants people to know that Bumble stands behind gender equality and they are also against sexual harassment that takes place in any form. Whitney Wolfe originally did not want Bumble. She wanted an all-female social network that she wanted to call Merci. This social network would have been a place for females to meet so they could form close bonds and great friendships. However, this site did not come to fruition.

Whitney Wolfe is happy that she is leading Bumble and not Merci. The reason being is that Bumble is doing very well in the realm of online dating. The company is valued in the billion-dollar range and the site has over 30 million faithful users. People have been making love connections through Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is married to Michael Herd. They tied the knot late in the year 2017. While Wolfe did not find love on the dating site, she knows that plenty ofpeople have. That is the one thing that Wolfe really likes about Bumble, this site actually does help people to find love and happiness.

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Jim Larkin, The Industrial Hero

Ireland’s Industrial Era

Ireland wasn’t well known for its industrial capabilities. Much of its production stemmed from their agriculture, such as clothing.

They also had flour, linen, and cotton mills spread out across the country. However, in the mid 19th century, there was a famine that led to a decrease in the green country’s population. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

Due to this famine, there was an opportunity for the industrial age to begin in Ireland. Factory Labor, mechanizing of factories, and steam power gave rise to this shift in production.

A major part of the industrialization was the providing of important utilities. These utilities consisted of water, sewage, gas, and electricity.

Enter Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a strong industrial laborer which we can relate to even in today’s work force. He was born in the last quarter of the 19th century in England and didn’t have much of an education while growing up.

Interestingly, that did not prove to be necessary for fulfilling his purpose in life. His character was noticeable not because of his charisma, but because of his sympathy for his fellow workers.

One of his famous quotes is, “A Fair Day’s Work for a Fair Day’s Pay”. He seemed to be the personification of the pains and dreams of the early 19th century industrial labor force. Learn more about James Larkin: and

The Worker’s Champ

What many laborers of the early 20th century described as heroic was the way that Jim Larkin spoke and the many acts of fairness that he performed. One of which was creating one of the first and largest Unions in Ireland.

The ITGWU. This, however, is but the beginning of a much more intricate and larger story…