Jeremy Goldstein Offers Some Thoughts Related To The Importance Of Stock Options As A Form Of Employee Compensation

Recently, many different corporations have made the choice to put a hold on offering their employees stock options. While some companies so this to cut down on costs, many others do for a spread of reasons, and these include the fact that the stock make go down suddenly and drastically, a lot of employees are unsure about the stability of stock options, and the troubles and costs that it can cause for their business. While these may be true in some cases, there are some advantages to offering stock options to employees, and these include the fact that stock options are easy to understand; for the most part, they encourage employees to care about the success of the company as stock rises as the company does better, and that stock options can lower the tax burden placed on companies when compared to equities.


Jeremy Goldstein knows that companies who use the right strategies can benefit from providing stock options to their employees by adopting the barrier option that is termed a “knockout.”

This enables employees to receive stock options and keep them if the price remains above a certain amount. The employer can cancel the stock options if the price drops below a specified amount and remains there for a certain period of time. These options make shareholders happier and also keep stockholders from worrying about their share of ownership getting smaller. While knockout options don’t make everything better, they do help companies overcome some of the largest issues that plaque stock-based compensation plans, and Goldstein thinks this is an important step in the right direction.


Jeremy Goldstein is an Attorney at Law and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. where he advises CEO’s, management teams and corporate executives, and compensation committees. As a business lawyer, he has more than 15 years of experience and has been an important part of large transactions that have taken place between companies like Chevron, Bank One, Verizon, and more. As a philanthropist, Goldstein sits on the board of Fountain House, which is an important non-profit organization.


Jeremy Goldstein studied at Cornell University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and he also attended the University of Chicago where he earned a Master’s Degree. After this, he decided to continue his education and earned his Juris Doctor while attending New York University School of Law. He works with the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section as its Chair and also is a writer as well as speaker who covers corporate governance and compensation issues that are important to executives. He also serves as a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the NYU Journal of Law and Business. Learn more:


Kim Dao New Apartment

Recently YouTube vlogger Kim Dao posted a new video highlighting her new apartment ( She got a new apartment in Australia. She is excited to be moving back. Kim Dao felt as though she did not Vlog enough while she was in Europe. Now that she is back in Korea she is hoping to get back into a routine prior to her move to her new apartment in Australia. Kim Dao plans on doing more videos once she is living in Australia. Kim Dao and her boyfriend bought the apartment together in 2014. They felt they were ready to move on with their lives though they weren’t ready to move in together at that point. It took over three years for the apartment to be built. Next month she will be moving in with her boyfriend. They came to the decision when Kim Dao was 23, almost 24. Her friend who was selling apartments told Kim and her boyfriend about the new apartments that were being built. Kim and her boyfriend talked about it because apartments are quite expensive in Australia. They had to put down a 10% deposit. Kim’s boyfriend just went in for an inspection and they do wish the bedroom was a little bit bigger but they do love the modern kitchen and the fact that the apartment has two bathrooms. Learn more:

Redefining the Regional Landscape in Central Texas through Smart Transportation Strategies

Mike Heiligenstein is putting the spotlight on toll roads and pay-for-use engagements in Central Texas. The region has an impressive road infrastructure network thanks to the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. Despite continuous efforts and much success, road networks are struggling to keep up with demand. Neighborhoods and local communities are hesitant to agree to a bigger footprint, which would allow the Mobility Authority, the agency that is responsible for transport infrastructure systems in the area, to add lanes to the existing network.Learn more :

Then there is the problem of local and regional traffic creating bottlenecks for through traffic especially on the San Antonio to Austin stretch. The Executive Director of the agency, Mike Heiligenstein, believes there is a case for a scalable and sustainable solution. Tackling such issues may require a multi-phase approach including expanding existing capacity, educating road users and getting as many stakeholders involved as possible. Toll roads may work well in some areas, but they are just part of a wider solution.Learn more :

Organizations such as the Mobility Authority, which are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the road infrastructure is ready for the future, are still heavily underfunded. He is at the forefront of driving the economic development of the region. Through the Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein is making sure major networks throughout the state and local centers are readily accessible to investors.

Besides expanding the physical infrastructure, other strategies such as introducing technology solutions, incentives that influence commuter trends and a focus on mass transit solutions will go a long way in alleviating traffic issues in Texas. Technology can provide solutions well and beyond any physical expansion. It could be as simple as making traffic apps that influence real-time flows.Learn more :

Smart technology such as motion sensor technology and fiber lines can be built into expanded road networks to enable mapping and data analytics. This would enable the real-time management of traffic. Mike Heiligenstein is adamant public and private stakeholders must work together to enable the Mobility Authority to implement innovative transport solutions. Mike Heiligenstein is mandated to oversee the day-to-day operations of Mobility Authority.

He has extensive experience in infrastructure development in the Central Texas region. He is tasked with transforming the transportation network in the area to a modern world-class network. This improves investor confidence and enables local businesses to save on logistical and commuting costs and associated expenditure. Mike Heiligenstein is also associated with Texas Department of Transportation Technology Task Force and Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

Handling Negative Press

Negative press is something that could be expected from someone with a lot of visibility. For one thing, there is a lot of people that are willing to spread a lot of negativity around for various reasons. In many cases, the business person does not have to do anything wrong to get the bad press. There are just some people that don’t like to see other people succeed for many different reasons. Fortunately, there are ways for people to fight negative press and even prevent negative press. However, it is important for the person to think about this right away before getting started on business.

There is a lot that goes into online reputation management. However, this is a lot more than only one person could handle. It involves providing optimized content as well as networking out to others. This is something a lot of people are not going to be able to manage on their own. A lot of different situations do not allow room for online reputation management on the part of the individual business man. This is why there are online reputation management companies that have Reputation Defender agents that are willing and able to provide their clients the reputation management they need.

Among the reasons that people can’t handle their own reputation is that they are busy with other stuff. Among the different things that they are often busy with is different aspects of their business. Some people have other jobs that they are working on in order to get the money needed to get their business off the ground. This allows barely any room for online reputation management. This is why online reputation management companies are available. They have the room to provide the type of work needed to not only protect the reputation of their clients, but bring it to higher levels as well.