George Soros Looks To Build A Better U.S. Society

George Soros may be well known in political circles as a leading supporter of the Democratic Party in the U.S., but his concerns are much larger than just making sure the left leaning party he supports is in power at each election; instead, the work of George Soros has recently taken on a new level of urgency as the billionaire founder of the Soros Fund Management group estimated to have a personal fortune of more than $25 billion by Forbes has made it clear he is concerned with protecting the human rights of people from across the U.S. George Soros began his education in 1947 when he traveled as a refugee to the London School of Economics to escape the totalitarian regime of Stalin’s Soviet Union in his home nation of Hungary following World War II.

It was during his studies at the London School of Economics that George Soros began to explore the philosophical theories of his mentor, Karl Popper, who was an exponent of the Open Society theories, Soros named his charitable network the Open Society Foundation in 1984. George Soros agrees with the theories of Karl Popper in so far as they relate to the U.S. and the fluid nature of the Constitution; Popper argued the rights provided by the U.S. Constitution were not a God given right and should be fought for on a regular basis by the citizens of the nation who wished to ensure they were protected at all times. In the U.S. this battle to preserve the rights of all has become a calling card of the philanthropic and political work completed by U.S. citizen George Soros who has recently been looking for new and exciting ways of working with minority groups to protect their rights across the nation. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Discover the networks explains George Soros has given a large amount of funding to the Human Rights Watch group he believes have been completing a large amount of good work in keeping the transgressions of the U.S. government in check throughout the 21st century. The man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 has also looked to address the difficult issue of apparent racism in the U.S. criminal justice system, including the National Council of La Raza that addresses how the legal system discriminates and pushes the people of Hispanic backgrounds towards a lower socioeconomic future. Voting rights have also become a major source of concern for George Soros as he feels right leaning U.S. lawmakers are looking to limit the opportunities of minority groups to vote on a regular basis in elections at all levels by introducing stricter identification laws known to limit the options for African American and Hispanic voters. Read more on