Securus Technologies Demonstrates Superiority in Product Development

Securus Technologies, a tech company that specializes in the provision of technology used in the monitoring, investigation, and maintenance of public safety, challenged the quality of Global Tel Link’s products. Global Tel Link is a Securus’ rival company and provides similar services. Securus Technologies approached a technology judge to have him validate who has the best, sophisticated and modern technology-based products. Global Tel Link instigated this technology bake-off when they tried to compare their products to those developed by Securus Technologies.


Richard Smith’s thoughts on this technology bake-off


According to CEO Richard Smith, it was unfair for Global Tel Link to compare themselves with Securus. This comparison act was uncalled for because Securus had dedicated four years and invested over $700 million in the development of their products. Additionally, Securus Technologies has experience in developing high-tech products and has acquired companies. The products to be compared include customer services and telephone calling platforms. Richard further elaborated that Securus Technologies is familiar with Global Tel Link systems. Securus claimed that it owns a larger product set as well as a call center, unlike Global Tel Link that outsources these services.


Securus Technologies products are incomparable. Their systems such as Voice Biometrics, Data Analytics, Video Visitation, Payment Facilitation, Jail Management System, and Location Based Services are the best in the market. Previous Global Tel Link’s customers also testify that Securus Technologies products are more superior. The win/loss ratios also confirm that Securus Technologies generate more revenue than their competitors. Customers also claim that they prefer Securus three times more than they do Global Tel Link. Richard urged Global Tel Link to take the technology challenge.