No More Merci from Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is currently one of the hottest up and coming CEOs in the country. She is the leader of the dating app known as Bumble. This particular online love connection portal has been around since 2014 and it is now a huge online success. Millions of women in America and around the world love Bumble. It is so far removed from the other online dating sites in its approach to relationships and courting.

Bumble is an app that puts women first. They make it a point to put women first in the dating relationship and in life. Whitney Wolfe’s sight might be about love connections, but it also promotes a feminist agenda. This is very important to Wolfe and her female staff. Most of her employees are females and many of them spend a lot of time on Bumble trying to figure out ways to make the site better.

Bumble’s CEO knows that she needs to keep her dating site a place that caters for women. She has always wanted to make an online portal for females to feel safe, comfortable and respected. That is what Bumble is pushing for when it comes to their site. This is one of the reasons why Bumble only allows women to start a conversation and make the first move. Men can try, but the most they can do is show interest. It is strictly up to a female to figure out if she is going to continue talking with a guy.

Bumble is also on the front line of the modern feminist movement. Wolfe wants people to know that Bumble stands behind gender equality and they are also against sexual harassment that takes place in any form. Whitney Wolfe originally did not want Bumble. She wanted an all-female social network that she wanted to call Merci. This social network would have been a place for females to meet so they could form close bonds and great friendships. However, this site did not come to fruition.

Whitney Wolfe is happy that she is leading Bumble and not Merci. The reason being is that Bumble is doing very well in the realm of online dating. The company is valued in the billion-dollar range and the site has over 30 million faithful users. People have been making love connections through Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is married to Michael Herd. They tied the knot late in the year 2017. While Wolfe did not find love on the dating site, she knows that plenty ofpeople have. That is the one thing that Wolfe really likes about Bumble, this site actually does help people to find love and happiness.

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Design’s Cutting Edge: Academy of Art University

New York Fashion Week always brings new names into the spotlight in the fashion industry. New designers of all backgrounds find their designs flaunted by some of the industry’s favorite models. This year’s New York Fashion Week featured several graduates of the Academy of Art University.
The Academy of Art University, founded in San Francisco in 1929, is an educational institute for people looking to work in design, communications, and the arts. Graduates from the Academy of Art University often go on to work on high profile events like the New York Fashion Week.
The Academy of Art University places importance on the diversity of its student body. Among the graduates present at New York Fashion Week was Saya Shen, a designer from Beijing, China. Her designs were shown off alongside those of Carlos Rodriguez, a fashion designer hailing from Mexico City.
The Academy is a popular choice for design hopefuls for many reasons, not the least of which is its unique creative environment. The teachers at the university are experienced and well-regarded in their fields and love imparting their wisdom to the next generation of designers. Most importantly, the employees of the university focus on inclusivity and do not care about the backgrounds of the people they are teaching. This environment allows for the perfect cultivation of another generation of design.
This particular fashion week featured several especially bold designs from Academy graduates. Joanna Jodallah, born in Chicago, IL, designed a lightweight tan shirt inspired by generations of her Palestinian ancestors. Ryan Yu, another designer coming all the way from China, brought a stunning black and white dress designed as an exercise in contrast. Dina Marie Lam of Los Angeles, inspired by the death of her aunt, create modest designs filled with emotion.
All in all, 10 graduates of the Academy of Art University had designs featured in this year’s fashion week. They came from all different kinds of backgrounds to make their names and designs known.

The Tactics that Fabletic uses to be successful in the Online Fashion Business.

E-commerce is an emerging sector that is highly competitive. One of the leading companies in the industry is Amazon. It has been in the field for a couple of years, and it currently serves about 20 percent of the clients who buy clothes online. Succeeding in e-commerce is not easy, and companies need to have excellent strategies for them to be profitable. Fabletic is one of the few businesses that are performing well in e-commerce. The enterprise was created in 2013 by Kate Hudson, who has a well-known actress. It has created a niche in the industry, and its net worth is currently $250 million. Very few companies have managed to make such huge profits within a short period. The firm’s online platform has a subscription service that enables the clients to receive products monthly. The membership packages and convince of Fabletics allow it to develop long-lasting relationships with customers.


In the past years, the main factors that determined the value of a brand were the price and quality of its products. The popularity of an enterprise in the current market is influenced by customer experience and satisfaction, clients’ base, design, and convenience. Fabletics has expanded its business, and it currently owns brick and motor stores that are based in areas such as Florida, Illinois, California, Hawaii and other cities. The company sells products from top brands such as Warby Parker and Apple.


According to the GM of Fabletics, Gregg Thogmartin, the primary factor that has been driving the success of the company is its modern and reputable brand. Individual who have subscribed to the company’s services are offered the personalized products at unbeatable prices. The sales and marketing models that the firm utilizes enable it to provide its activewear at about half their cost. Mr. Thogmartin believes that business can easily satisfy the needs of their clients when they are well informed on their needs.


Fabletics has been using an excellent tactic that is known as reverse showrooming. It invites its regular customers to buy products from its stores. Approximately 30 to 50 percent of the clients who buy the company’s products are its members, and 25 percent subscribe after they have already visited its stores. The company has been using online data to know the exact products that are preferred by locals of various regions. It also uses sentiments that are made by people on social media, culture, and its customer experience to ensure that it fulfills the needs of the market.


Kate Hudson established the firm to fill the gap that was in the athleisure wear market. She strives to ensure that women across the country have access to quality, fashionable and trendy activewear products. The regular and VIP members buy products by using their credit cards. New members are welcomed to the subscription service by being offered products that are worth $49, but the firm charges them $10. The incredible discounts that Fabletics gives have also assisted it to attract more customers.

Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Fashion Company

Today, most celebrities run their own companies or website that sells sponsored products. Usually, those brands succeed only because of the celebrity’s fame. If the celebrity ever becomes less popular, the brand usually doesn’t survive unless it picks up another celebrity. That’s not the case with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.

Kate Hudson has always been a fashion icon. She’s beloved for her funny and charming Hollywood characters. And she’s admired for the great shape she manages to stay in; even after having kids. Now, Kate’s fashion company is one of the most popular ‘activewear’ brands in the world.

When Kate first created Fabletics, she wanted to design fitness wear that was both stylish and affordable. Over the years, Fabletics became more than just a company to her. She’s very involved in the designs of every product; wanting every item to inspire Fabletic’s members to step out of their fashion comfort zone and find new limits to their personal style.

Historically speaking, Fabletics is a high-value brand. Its attention to detail and commitment to its members makes it a modern high-value brand as well. In the past, a high-value brand had fair prices and good quality products. Those are the very things that Fabletics prides itself on.

As for today’s consumers, they want more from their favorite brands. That’s why Fabletics focuses so much of its members. Fabletics uses dozens of features and special offers to reward current members and persuade considering members. That’s why the brand has its own lifestyle quiz; to show non-members what outfits would best suit their particular style.

Fabletic’s success got to a point where it was challenging Amazon for the number one spot. Following their three-year success strike in the e-commerce market, the brand is now opening physical stores. So far, they’ve open 16 stores and plan on adding more by the end of this year.

Success with any kind of physical store these days is difficult. With online shopping offering cheaper prices, a physical store stands little chance of success. Yet, that’s exactly what Fabletics is achieving. In fact, one-fourth of the people who visit a Fabletics store become Fabletics members.

According to one Fabletic’s member, a non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics is better than expected. The pair of leggings she bought has excellent quality.