What Tourists Can See And Do Around Fagali’i Airport In Samoa

Fagali’i Airport is one of the primary ways of getting to Upolu Island. It is right next to the city limits of Samoa’s capital, Apia. It’s JATA Code is FGI and its JCAO Code is NSFI. It is located at the longitude of -171.7400055 and a latitude of -13.8486996. Its time zone is Pacific/Apia which is GMT +14:00.

Polynesian Airlines is the only provider of airfare services at this small airport. Their flights exclusively go to Pago Pago Airport (PPG) which is located in American Samoa. Due to the proximity of these two airports the flights between them are short in duration. Polynesian Airlines also offer sight-seeing trips to see places like Savaii, Tonga, Nieu, and Fiji. They also do medical evacuations to Pago Pago as well as emergency medical charter flights. As Fagali’i is a small airport they only use Twin Otters for planes which can seat 19 passengers.

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There is a wide range of hotels near Fagali’i Airport. One of the nicest on Opolu is Taumeasina Island Resort which is located on the beach. This hotel costs $175 a night through Expedia. For those on a very tight budget, there is Dave Parker’s Eco Lodge which can be had for $23 a night. Even though it is very inexpensive past guests have remarked that it’s quiet and peaceful at this hotel.

There are a number of things to do for tourists near Fagali’i Airport according to encontreomedico.com.br. The must-see show takes place at the Beach Tanoa Tusitala Hotel which is just 0.2 miles from the airport. Every Wednesday they hold Fiafia Night which features traditional Samoan singing and dancing. This includes dancing with fire which makes it very popular.

Although it’s 8.1 miles from Fagali’i Airport many people make the trip to Papapapaitai Falls when visiting Apia. It’s a spectacular falls that drops over 500 feet. It is said to be especially beautiful during the rainy season. Another popular outdoor thing to see, 9.6 miles from the airport, is the Piula Cave Pool which is a popular place to go swimming for both residents of the island and tourists.

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