Gaeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm worked for ten years at a Big Four bank and he wasn’t happy with how they operated on too many levels to stick around. He didn’t enjoy being pigeonholes into spending his work time focused on a single product or service. Holm was also upset by the bad deals he saw so many Australian families taking from predatory institutions. Resolving to provide an advocacy service for consumers, Holm and his business and romantic partner, Rebecca Walker, founded Infinity Group Australia.


Infinity Group Australia began with the two sitting at a pair of desks in a small room doing research. After six months they began offering services to consumers, focused on reducing debt, planning for retirement and wealth creation the two found out that there was indeed a market for these services.


Client success means business success for Infinity Group Australia. They make their profits when the client saves money. Infinity Group Australia has helped their clients save money on their mortgages, make and stick to a budget, invest, reduce principal and plan retirement budgets. 100% of their clients pay off more of their home loans in the first three months of using Infinity Group Australia’s service than they did in the year prior. Many of their customers pay off 30-year loans in 7-10 years.


Holm and Walker had the vision to change the real estate market in Australia and the services they offer may just be doing that. With overwhelmingly positive reviews online, Infinity Group Australia doesn’t just e-mail you a budget and a bill for services. They provide their clients with ongoing counselling over the life of their loan, mortgage or retirement plan. By sticking around and helping their clients through the entire process- and beyond- they ensure that the work did to help a family continues to help them and to ensure more Australian families have a secure financial future.


Holm is a Top 100 Broker in the MBA with over 17 years of experience in Australian finance. He not only co-founded Infinity Group Australia but is also involved with community charity. He has led the company to donate a jeep, a home renovation, scholarships and sponsors the Cronulla Sharks, a team in the National Rugby League.


Graeme Holm promotes customer service and collaboration as key values in the his and Infinity Group Australia’s success, promoting that his employees work with professionals from other finance companies. Learn more: