Rocketship Education Is Pioneering Education With The Help Of Teachers And Parents

Rocketship Education has shot down the negative talk about segregation and charter schools that has been going around lately, simply because the majority of it is just not true. In most cases, parents are not the cause of diffused communities in the schooling environment. Rocketship Education personally allows all students from all different races and cultural background to attend their schooling system. That being said, Rocketship Education doesn’t believe students from a minority background should need to relocate just to attend a better school. One of the first steps to improving this is through the teachers. Teacher diversity has a much greater influence on minority students.

Rocketship is creating a plan to help all of their students succeed, regardless of their current grade levels and learning experiences thus far. They do this through an improved curriculum as well as personalized learning for every student to find their specific needs for learning. Rocketship also incorporates various forms of technology into their students learning to aid the process, in a purposeful manner. One important aspect for improving a students learning, especially those that have fallen behind in their grade level, is evaluating their scores throughout the year and their level of growth from beginning to end as well as every area in between.

Parents will be able to make great use of growth scores for their students since they show where they started from and where they need to get to in order to catch up f they have fallen behind. Rocketship Education has shown they are capable of increasing a students grade level more by more than just 1 figure with proper education techniques and an individualized learning system that is highly dependant on every parent’s involvement. With active participation from parents, students are not only inspired at home, but they are encouraged in the classroom. Rocketship Education urges all parents to stay aware of their child’s growth scores and advocate for the MAP system throughout the entire public schooling system, which Rocketship uses today.