No More Merci from Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is currently one of the hottest up and coming CEOs in the country. She is the leader of the dating app known as Bumble. This particular online love connection portal has been around since 2014 and it is now a huge online success. Millions of women in America and around the world love Bumble. It is so far removed from the other online dating sites in its approach to relationships and courting.

Bumble is an app that puts women first. They make it a point to put women first in the dating relationship and in life. Whitney Wolfe’s sight might be about love connections, but it also promotes a feminist agenda. This is very important to Wolfe and her female staff. Most of her employees are females and many of them spend a lot of time on Bumble trying to figure out ways to make the site better.

Bumble’s CEO knows that she needs to keep her dating site a place that caters for women. She has always wanted to make an online portal for females to feel safe, comfortable and respected. That is what Bumble is pushing for when it comes to their site. This is one of the reasons why Bumble only allows women to start a conversation and make the first move. Men can try, but the most they can do is show interest. It is strictly up to a female to figure out if she is going to continue talking with a guy.

Bumble is also on the front line of the modern feminist movement. Wolfe wants people to know that Bumble stands behind gender equality and they are also against sexual harassment that takes place in any form. Whitney Wolfe originally did not want Bumble. She wanted an all-female social network that she wanted to call Merci. This social network would have been a place for females to meet so they could form close bonds and great friendships. However, this site did not come to fruition.

Whitney Wolfe is happy that she is leading Bumble and not Merci. The reason being is that Bumble is doing very well in the realm of online dating. The company is valued in the billion-dollar range and the site has over 30 million faithful users. People have been making love connections through Bumble. Whitney Wolfe is married to Michael Herd. They tied the knot late in the year 2017. While Wolfe did not find love on the dating site, she knows that plenty ofpeople have. That is the one thing that Wolfe really likes about Bumble, this site actually does help people to find love and happiness.

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