Here’s How Fortress Investment Group Got Big

Over half of all United States residents save up money they earn through working and convert them into assets that are likely to appreciate – increase in value over time – in coming years; such assets include financial instruments like stocks and options, commodities like corn and wheat, private real estate buys, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Most people trust their assets in the hands of local financial advisors, portfolio managers, and other “money guys” – for lack of a better name. While these options are almost certain to leave one’s assets in safe hands, alternative wealth management is another type of financial services company that grosses greater returns than the “money guys” – and gals – mentioned above. Many corporations and private investors alike trust Fortress Investment Group.

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative investment management firm operated out of New York City, New York. It had just short of 41 billion United States Dollars’ worth of assets under its umbrella of portfolio management at the close of the first quarter of this year. Fortress has established itself as being one of the best private equity firms in the entirety of the United States.

The organization currently does business with roughly 1,500 clients; most of these 1,500 clients are, in fact, institutional investors, whereas the rest are private, personal, individual investors.

Who’s at the top of Fortress Investment Group?

When the business was created in 1998, Wes Edens – also known to many as the partial owner of the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks franchise – Randal Nardone and Ron Kauffman were the three principals of the organization. In 2012, Kauffman stepped down from his spot as principal and was replaced by an Ivy League college – two college within the Ivy League, actually, for an undergraduate and a graduate degree – graduate and former executive at Goldman & Sachs.

That man’s name is Peter Briger, sometimes stylized as Peter L. Briger, Jr. Mr. Briger is today the Co-Chief Executive Officer along with Wes Edens, whereas Mr. Nardone remains among the corporate ladder as a principal of.Fortress Investment Group.

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Guilherme Paulus: The Entrepreneur of the Year

Guilherme Paulus got elected the entrepreneur of the year in 2017. He has invested millions in hotels and has employed a significant number of people. Guilherme is also the one who built the CVC tourism, which he later sold for over $750 million. Under his leadership, the company grew to be the largest tour operator in Latin America. However, he still owns 8% of CVC.

Guilherme is the president of GJP hotels and resorts. He founded the company in 2005. The GJP group has four categories: three stars, four starts, Saint Andrew and five stars. One of the golf conventions of the GJP network Wish resort won an award for being the best golf hotel in Brazil. The award was given by the world gold awards 2017. There is a GJP condominium built right next to the golf course. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

Guilherme Paulus talked about entrepreneurship in the 2017 top seller event. Given all his achievements, he was the best person to talk about the topic. He talked about his career and both as the founder of GJP network and CVC. He first worked as an IBM trainee, and he admitted to having learned a lot from computing, but it was not what he wanted. His big change came with the opportunity he ventured into sales in the tourism business. What he talked about the CVC company was born and the hardships that the company went through.

Guilherme Paulus talked about how the company had to go through innovation over the years. He said the secret to success is to love the customer. Guilherme Paulus advised that the customer is an important part of any business. While at the top seller event, Guilherme gave out some of the numbers of CVC. It is found 456 cities in Brazil, has over 9,086 travel agents, and it had 3,978,018 passengers on board. The tip that he gave is to get a list of customers and make the calls again. Finally, he gave the characteristics of professional, which he was optimistic, not being afraid to take risks, being determined and loving what you do.

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The Many Expansions of OSI Industries

OSI Industries began as a small, family owned operation, but over the years, it has grown into an international supplier of food goods. The company now has 20,000 employees stationed over 17 countries. They have a total of 65 operational facilities.

Otto Kolschowsky was the founder of the OSI Industries, creating Otto & Sons in the early 1900s. The company was created during a time when the German immigrant population in Chicago was booming: German immigrants made up 25% of Chicago’s total population. The city was the perfect place for a German immigrant to create a business, and Otto took full advantage of the culture of the city at the time: Otto created a butcher shop.

It took a few decades for Otto & Sons to catch their first big break. A new restaurant had just opened in Illinois and Otto & Sons was tasked with supplying the meat for the restaurant. This restaurant was McDonald’s.

The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in 1955, and as McDonald’s grew so did Otto & Sons.

The years following the partnership with McDonald’s, Otto & Sons became an well known entity. When new technology enabled food supplier to flash freeze their products, Otto & Sons became one of McDonald’s main four suppliers of hamburger meat, further cementing the company’s place in history.

Otto & Sons created a plant purely to produce McDonald’s goods in 1973. The plant was located in West Chicago, Illinois. Two years later Otto & Sons changed name to OSI Industries. The name changed officially marked the transition of the company from being a local supplier of meat to a national audience. The leadership of the company also changed at this time, as Sheldon Lavin took on more responsibilities in the company.

After Lavin moved up in the company meat production increased. In 1977, OSI Industries officially began to expand on its own. OSI was already distributing all over the United States, but this was the first time they opened a building outside of Illinois. OSI opened a facility in Utah.

In modern times, OSI Industries is continuing to expand. They have recently purchased Baho Foods and Flagship Europe, further expanding their operational territory.

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Mike Baur Explains More On The Idea Of Risk-Taking At The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur believes in bringing in people with ideas never before put to use in tech-based businesses and disruptive brands at his company, the Swiss Startup Factory. There’s many different ways the SSUF fosters in these new businesses from classroom instruction on building the structure, brainstorming sessions, physical challenge activities and pitches to investors. But Baur wants to make sure that people come to the SSUF prepared for all the obstacles they encounter in not only the startup phase, but in the first few years of operation. One thing he always reminds young entrepreneurs about is that they will need to be willing to take risks.


Mike Baur says he’s not talking about taking wild gambles when you take risks to startup a business. He also says the risk-taking really is not the decision to start a business in and of itself because that’s more of a building process. The main areas of risk are what you’re going to invest in with your business capital, what kind of marketing you’re going to do for it and the kind of people you delegate the business’s responsibilities to. The risks aren’t made without putting thought and some calculation into them, but ultimately you still need to make the decisions that could turn your company a fortune, or have it fade out quickly. But many leaders in Switzerland are saying it’s now time for that country to start taking risks with the banking industry’s safety net no longer what it used to be.


Mike Baur knows a lot about banking because it’s what he did prior to starting the SSUF. He had a great acumen for investing and making loan recommendations to banking officers and telling clients how to plan for their business and future endeavors. Baur started this career as a 16-year old entering UBS Bank’s internship program, but within 10 years he was already making big decisions for primarily commercial clients. He did love this job early on when banking in Switzerland was in its golden age, but the US housing market collapse and subsequent effect on international banks changed everything in 2008. That same year Baur went from UBS Bank to Clariden Leu, and though he tried to do things in banking the way they had been done before, he realized that Switzerland’s financial industry had changed forever.


Mike Baur realized that even though banking had lost its grip on the Swiss economy, a new market for venture capitalists was forming. He had visited many universities and conferences where he saw graduates and entrepreneur hopefuls put forth a lot of great ideas, and he realized that all these ideas needed were just business plans and capital. By 2014 he had already gotten an early-stage venture capital group started in Think Reloaded, and in 2015 that was expanded to what is now the SSUF. Baur says it’s not just about getting a return in financial numbers at the SSUF, but it’s also about creating a place that ideas are free to flow and people are bound to come because they believe in changing the future.


Jim Larkin Delivers A Socialist Future For Irish Workers

In 1907, the trade union movement had barely reached Ireland when a Liverpool, England born union organizer was sent to the Dublin and Belfast docks by the National Dock Laborers Union.

James Larkin had barely made a lasting impression in England within the union movement when he stepped into a battle over the pay awarded to dock laborers at the Belfast docks; the lack of power the union movement wielded in the early 20th-century left Larkin unhappy and frustrated when Belfast dock owners refused to shift on his demands.

Later the same year, Larkin made the decision to leave the NDLU and form his own union, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union which aimed to attract the huge number of ununionized transport workers in Dublin to its ranks.

The ITGWU was a quick success and began attracting both skilled and unskilled workers to its ranks until more than 100,000 union and non-union members came together in 1913 to create the Dublin Lockout strike of eight months; Larkin was vilified in the press but became a hero for workers who saw his willingness to fight on their behalf. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

The toxic nature of the press towards Larkin led to him making the decision to leave Ireland in favor of the United States where he hoped to embark on a series of public speaking engagements.

The outbreak of World War I led to the socialist message of Jim Larkin falling out of fashion and making it difficult for him to find engagements; Larkin would eventually work with German diplomats to sabotage Allied forces in the U.S.

After being jailed for his socialist views in the U.S., Larkin eventually returned to Ireland in 1920 to a vastly different political landscape where his own ITGWU opposed his readmittance to the Irish Labour Party Larkin established with James Connelly in 1912.

As Larkin grew older he mellowed his Socialist views prior to his death in 1947 which was followed by a funeral attended by more than 200,000 mourners.

Calculate the Numbers With Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey born in Abilene, TX is an expert Mathematician. Michael is a Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996.

Michael Lacey Education

The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Degree: PhD


Michael Lacey studied under the direction of Walter Philipp an Austrian Mathematician who specializes in probability theory and number theory. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Michael Lacey while studying under Mr. Philipp solved a mathematical calculation related to the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

Michael Lacey

Math Calculation Specialties

  • Probability
  • Ergodic Theory
  • Harmonic Analysis

Michael Lacey Awards

  • Salem Prize

This award is highly prestigious and is received by one who has done remarkable work in Salem’s field of interest which is the theory of Fourier series.

  • Guggenheim Fellowship for Natural Sciences US & Canada

The reward of this fellowship is for one who has demonstrated an outstanding capacity for the scholarship or in Mr. Lacey’s case exceptional ability in the art of mathematics.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology, today it is commonly known as Georgia Tech. Georgia Institute of Technology is located in Atlanta, Georgia and is a public research university. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Michael Lacey Professor of mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology is also Director of training grants these grants support many undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers.

Michael has advised many undergraduate students who continued their educations to ivory league graduate programs as well as advising Ph.D. students towards industrial jobs and academic achievements.

Michael Lacey is an expert mathematician who enjoys mentoring Pre-doctoral students and Doctoral students to satisfy their goal in the world of numbers and calculations.

Hussain Sajwani DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani has had a great career in the real estate industry. When he was young, he decided to become a business owner. He is the DAMAC owner and founder of DAMAC Properties.


Working in real estate is exciting in a thriving city like Dubai. Over the past few years, Dubai has grown rapidly. Many people try to move to the city each year. There is currently a significant shortage of housing inventory in Dubai. As a result, real estate development companies like DAMAC Properties have an excellent opportunity to increase sales and profits.



Investment Plans


While running DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani also invests in real estate in Dubai. He enjoys purchasing real estate properties to rent to tenants. Many people want to get started investing.


For most investors, the most significant obstacle to getting started is financing. Few people have the funding that is needed to invest. Some banks are unwilling to lend money to investors who do not have a track record of success.


Hussain Sajwani decided to start offering a financing solution for new investors. DAMAC Properties now provides loans for real estate investors. These loans are easy to apply for, and the interest rates are reasonable. The lending program has generated another income source for DAMAC Properties.



Growth Plans


Hussain Sajwani plans to continue growing DAMAC Properties. The company is in a strong financial position. Hussain Sajwani learned valuable lessons from his past business failures. Instead of borrowing money to expand the company, Hussain Sajwani took a methodical approach to growth. DAMAC Properties is now a leading real estate development company in Dubai. Anyone who wants to build a luxury home should consider working with Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties. In the coming years, Hussain Sajwani plans to offer additional services for customers.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd Pushes App Only Dating Community

Dating apps have evolved in a major way. More people are getting dates through their phones, and it has become acceptable as the norm when it comes to finding something new. Whitney Wolfe Herd is one of the women that have enhanced technology with app development, and Bumble was her tool to change the dating app game.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knows a lot about dating apps because this has been a great part of her adult life. She has put her time into other companies, but everyone that sees the innovative spark in Whitney Wolfe knows that helping someone find their match is where Whitney Wolfe Herd appears to shine. She is the entreprenuer that has edited the play book that comes with the standard dating app.Herd has improvised. She decided to make her own rules when it came to dating app rules, and so far this has been a very good thing for women that were seeking something that looks different.

The dating app game has evolved because so many singles have transitioned from the internet. In fact, Bumble is not even accessible from an Internet site. People have to use the app in order to utilize it. This makes it different from the other apps like eHarmony and Plenty of Fish where people can sign into a website if they do not have a phone. With Bumble there was a big push by Whitney Wolfe to actually make her technology something that was app-based only. She did not want to go through the hassle of creating a website platform that could possibly lead people away from the app. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

One of the main reasons that she realized it was not going to be feasible to utilize a website had to do with location. People that are single are mobile. They’re on the go. It makes sense to have an app where the location and the miles between them and their potential match is viewable. When they are utilizing a website, however, it is impossible to see where they are. This is why Whitney walk put more focus on an app only based dating community. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating Ap

She knew that this would be something that made more sense to men and women that were in their twenties. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also someone that is still in her twenties, so she knew exactly how to stay connected with this generation of millennials. The Founder Of Bumble On The Future Of Dating & Making It In Your 20s

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Larkin & Lacey

Within the past year, there has been an infinite amount of news pouring in about politicians and politics. The media has been savagely attacking President Trump ever since he ran for election. The news that is put out there by the mainstream media outlets expresses a negative view of President Trump.

There are a few big, alternative media outlets that swing the other way and are avidly pro-Trump. Between the opponents and supporters of President Trump, there has a been a lot of “he-said-she-said” business going on. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The media outlets have put a microscope on such small, irrelevant details of the presidency, and have made so many dubious claims, that it’s difficult to determine which news stories are relevant and true.

Because of this whole confusing situation with the news that we are being fed, some of us focus on the wrong stories. Some of us completely shut our attention off to the news and choose to live our lives without the opinionated ramblings of the media outlets. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The problem is that we tend to miss out on the news that counts, like how Donald Trump executed a pardon for “America’s Toughest Sheriff”–Sheriff Arpaio, in the summer of 2017. Being in the news is not something new for Sheriff Arpaio. He has been written about since he took the office of Sheriff around 1992.

People who live in and around Maricopa County, the place where he carried out his sick policies, might know a lot about him. However, people who live in other parts of America and other parts of the world may not be familiar with his story.

Sheriff Arpaio intentionally had it in his mind that he wanted to create a legacy of being “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” A stunt that made his jail a tourist attraction was the creation of a tent city. Inmates were forced to sleep in tents outside. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Online, there are pictures of the tents. The sides of the tents are rolled up, showing the prisoners sitting on beds. One might say, “Hey, it’s Arizona. Isn’t the weather nice and warm? They aren’t going to die from the cold!” Anybody who says that is naive, and perhaps not a native of the Southwest. The desert that Arpaio’s inmates live in reaches temperatures of about 125 or 135 degrees. It is not an environment that anyone wants to find his or herself in.

In his prisons, inmate have to submit to the compulsive donning of pink clothing—despite gender. Media outlets who are anti-Arpaio claim that this is done to embarrass the inmates. Arpaio claimed that he introduced pink clothing for the inmates because he felt that bright pink would lift up people’s spirits.

There are claims of more insidious things that Arpaio supposedly imposed upon the criminals who were kept under his watch. For example, one very gross and insidious thing that he supposedly did was impose a diet of rotten fruit and mold-ridden bread upon inmates.

Like Sheriff Arpaio intended, the inmates will never forget what he subjected them to.

Desiree Perez, the COO and leader of Roc Nation

Once was a time in society when women were associated with the body while men with the mind. When men were considered to rule the world and everything in it while the women stayed behind to care of the household. The society has now evolved. This is something to be grateful for, and those who yearn to change the world will understand better.

The widespread belief that women and men are equal and should be provided equal opportunities and respect in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres of life has brought about the powerful evolution.

Desiree Perez, also known as Des Perez, was highlighted in a recent Billboard post. The post was celebrating the women in music 2017. Des is one woman who has kicked dogma to the curve. She has become an inspiration to other women far and wide in the world.

She is the CEO of none other than Roc Nation, which is an entertainment Company founded in 2008 by Shawn Carter or otherwise known as Jay Z. Roc Nation consists of roughly 33 clients and includes artists such as Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Shakira, J. Cole, Big Sean among more. It is considered to have a net worth of 21.8 million US dollars.

Des Perez is considered to be a close friend and working partner to Jay Z and has been so for approximately 20 years. She has been the CEO of the company since 2009 due to her fierce negotiating skills, capability with numbers and being a hard worker. It is no surprise, therefore, that she is still around the music world. With her team in hand, she runs the entire operation of the company. She also organizes the production of plays of famous artists in the Tidal App which is under Roc Nation and since her involvement, it has reported an increase of one million trial members.

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