Fortress Investment Group Brings New Offerings In Credit

Fortress Investment Group is always coming up with new ways to offer their clients what they need. One of their latest offerings includes a fund for direct lending that will offer private credit. There will also be significant expansions in funds that invest in aircraft leases, asset debt, and intellectual property. It is expected that in October the fund will close for $2 billion. $400 million has been raised so far for their fund that focuses on intellectual property and patents.

There is a healthy private credit market today and Fortress Investment Group is enjoying the many benefits that this is bringing to their company and clients. Private credit produces a higher yield when lending to small or medium-sized businesses. Private credit is becoming so popular that many businesses are starting to use it instead of more traditional options. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at Bloomberg.

SoftBank owns Fortress Investment Group and they believe that it was a good investment that has already been showing a lot of promise for both of the businesses. Before the company was purchased, they had been trading publicly and wanted the opportunity to once again go private. In the 20 years since they were founded in 1998, they have built a very solid reputation around the world. It was founded by Wesley Edens in New York alongside Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone.

Companies with great reputations have partnered up with Fortress Investment Group in order to help them meet their financial goals strategically. The platform that they use is high-tech and they are committed to innovation and success. For the team at Fortress, it’s not just about making money. The whole team enjoys being able to help these businesses grow and be successful in their industries.

Fortress prides themselves when they are able to help their clients realize their full potential and grow in their field. They may be owned by SoftBank, but they still operate largely independently and have a business model with an impressive amount of diversity. They have been able to show a good amount of profits and SoftBank believes that Fortress Investment Group will be able to maintain this success.

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