Fortress Investment Group – On the Move with a Wide Range of Investment Services

Four decades ago, Softbank formed and has provided major software services ever since. The company’s goal has always been to achieve worldwide success. The company continues to make the news with its acquisition of Fortress Investment. Fortress is a leading firm for managing corporate investments. While the $3.3 billion-dollar investment is major, it will not change the way Fortress Investment operates.

Softbank will take a hands-off approach and let Fortress Investment Group. While Softbank, a Japanese company, is not a bank, it positions itself to be a major financial force by acquiring Fortress Investment Group. In this case, a major tech conglomerate purchased a major asset manager company. Fortress Investment Group has over $41 billion in assets, and has nearly 1800 clients and private investors around the world.

Fortress investments are asset-based. As such, the company has a great deal of experience investing in a diverse group of assets. Their expertise is in the area of financing, investing, owning, and managing capital and real estate assets. Fortress also manages assets connected to long-term cash flows.

Fortress Investment takes the time to understand the industries it invests in. The company operates a strong team of professionals with a wide range of experience in their investment sectors. They draw their experience from having worked at a wide range of leading companies and institutions around the world.

The company’s private equity team applies a very active, hand-on approach in markets. Fortress Investment Group provides services a complete range of industries. Many of their most significant investments are in financial services, infrastructure, energy, healthcare, and transportation.

The company also offers financial services for gaming, power generation equipment, and renewable electricity procedures. Fortress invests in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. Fortress Investment Group is on the move and will likely remain an industry leader for years to come. SoftBank Group Completes Acquisition of Fortress Investment Group

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