The Chainsmokers; Setting Records

The Chainsmokers have recently released a series of new singles from their debut album Memories…Do Not Open. The album is still holding strong on the charts despite being released so long ago (approximately one year). So much so, it matched a long running record on the Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The most popular electronic records land themselves on this chart. The Chainsmokers’ album recently hit the thirty-four consecutive week mark. There’s no sign of the album slowing down anytime soon.

Memories…Do Not Open has officially tied with the Gorillaz’s album Demon Days. That album is actually still sitting pretty on the charts. It has been thirteen years since it originally debuted. The thirty-four week record is the third highest amount of consecutive weeks on the chart. If the trend continues it looks like The Chainsmokers will end up beating the record. Leaving the Gorillaz in the dust, The Chainsmokers might be coming for the number one and two spots. There are some pretty impressive tracks on the record. Artists like Halsey got their fame from the Memories album. We can only sit and wait to find out what kind of hits are going to come from future work from The Chainsmokers.

The Chainsmokers first debut hit the charts hard and heavy. It was number one in its first week on the Top Dane / Electronic Albums chart. It seemed as though one hit was coming after another. Anytime you turned on the radio, it was part of the top forty breakdown. Memories…Do Not Open has not left the top five spots since it came out. Some pretty impressive releases have come out from other artists this past year. Nothing has touched The Chainsmokers record. Calvin Harris, William Control and Above & Beyond are all struggling to catch up. Even Avicii’s album didn’t make its way back to the top after his untimely death this year. We can only sit back and wait to see what will come of The Chainsmokers reign. This is one group that has withstood the test of time.

Drew Madden; CVS and Amazon face off

Drew Madden is healthcare IT entrepreneur with a passion for building a modern healthcare industry. This week, there have been two reports in the healthcare sector. One of them reported that CVS is thinking of purchasing insurance giant Aetna. The second report exposed that Amazon got pharmacy licenses in several states. The authorizations certified the distribution of pharmaceutical products and equipment, not necessarily prescription medicine. However, it is clear that Amazon is trying to gain such clearances. There is a connection between the two reports as many investors invested in this pool.

There are rumors that Amazon is diving in the deep end in the pharmaceutical business. With the company’s resilient nature, it will be a robust competitor in the sector. The broad fan base that Amazon enjoys secured platforms to kick-start the project. Such dominance has pushed pharmaceutical firms, like CVS and PBM, to acquire insurance policies in a state of defense. When Amazon publicly announced its move to promote prescription drugs on a national level, it instigated the move by the firms. Moreover, the two companies later consider such moves on an independent platform. Also, Amazon is known to be a-one-stop-retail-store since its startup. CVS, on the other hand, is getting its services insured. It is also merging a healthcare plan, retail network, insurance, and pharmacy to provide a wholesome healthcare system.

If the CVS plans come into play, then the pharmaceutical giant will have provided a conducive environment for the patient. With this in motion, it would be difficult for any other company trying to bring in competition. Experts are claiming that this is an evolution in the healthcare department. They are bringing in almost every aspect of healthcare into one institution. Such moves will enable the healthcare department to open up doors to other companies that offer the same services. In recent times, the healthcare system has fused with developments technology. It has enabled medical programs to work more efficiently, unlike past times. The most commendable thing about such moves made by the two companies is the millions of people it will reach. Healthcare will have undergone a revolution of its own.

Bob Reina: His Work Will Be Forever Remembered

The work that Bob Reina is doing is the kind of work that is going to be remembered for a very, very long time. The good news is that Bob Reina has been doing this for eleven years and he has no plans of stopping or slowing down. As a matter of fact, he wants to keep doing more for the customers of Talk Fusion. At the end of the day, Bob Reina wants his customers, employees, and the world to be in a great place. He is very happy with his life, so his main focus is everyone else out there. It is uniquely rare to find someone with that type of attitude.


However, Bob Reina is that rare human being. After all, it is truly quite an inspiring story to know he started out as a police officer. That is one of the riskiest jobs out there, but Bob Reina has always been prepared for the task at hand. He was raised the right way and since he was raised properly, he knows the importance of helping out other people out there. He knows sometimes they can’t help themselves in certain situations and there is no shame in that.


That is why Bob Reina wants them to feel comfortable in coming up to him and asking for help in using Talk Fusion. Between their video newsletters and video emails, they have the tools for the individual that is just plain sick and tired of their desk job. The desk job has made them a different person, and they are not happy about it. They want to change it around and they want to change it around as quickly as they can because life should be lived to the fullest. When they are the bosses of their own company, things start to look very different for them.


As a matter of fact, they look better than ever. They can treat people the way they wish they had been treated. They can make sure everyone feels comfortable, safe, and happy. Most of all, they can feel like they are being treated with respect. Respect is an important thing for a lot of people out there, and who can blame them? They want to know their work is being acknowledged and people are noticing what they are putting into the job. It makes them work harder knowing someone is paying attention and sees them.


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