Securus Technologies develops crucial tools in the fight against illegal cell phones

Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s leading providers of prison security systems, has been slowly deploying the first iterations of its Wireless Containment System, a hi-tech solution that enables corrections officers to block unauthorized cellular calls within the nation’s prisons. The system has been years in the making, with Securus having to receive special waivers from the Federal Communications Commission in order to allow the system to operate, on a trial basis, in a few of the nation’s more remote carceral facilities.



A powerful and innovative weapon in the fight against prison gangs


The Wireless Containment System’s strength has turned out to be one of its weaknesses. The system is a straightforwards adaptation of military-grade technology that was used in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. First developed to intercept insurgent communications over cellular networks, the system quickly proved itself in battle, helping U.S. troops to intercept enemy communications and pinpoint their locations in ways that were never before possible.


But the system had some serious drawbacks for any attempt at creating a civilian application based on it. It operated by spoofing the signals from network relay towers, tricking all cellular devices within its range of operation into thinking that they were communicating with the nearest tower when, in fact, their calls were being routed through the interception system. The problem was with how effective the system was. Within a radius of up to five miles, the system would attract the signals of all cellular devices, causing them to automatically route their calls through it.


In creating the civilian version, Securus needed to demonstrate that its Wireless Containment System would not interfere with legitimate phone calls taking place outside of the prisons where it is deployed. The company has been able to do this, at least to some extent. With a few kinks left to work out, the system has only been approved for deployment at some of the more remote prison locations. However, Securus believes that all of the problems with interference will be worked out by the middle of next year, opening the way for nationwide deployment of the WCS.


Where it has been installed, the Wireless Containment System has proven to be nearly 100-percent effective in blocking all unauthorized cellular calls. It has also enabled officers to detect the location of all contraband cellular devices within the prisons where it is operational, allowing for the near total confiscation of unauthorized cell phones.


These are very good initial results for a system that has only been in existence for a couple years. Securus had expedited the development of it due to the ongoing threat posed by the ever-increasing number of cell phones in prisons. So far, things are looking quite good for the future of the WCS.


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Design’s Cutting Edge: Academy of Art University

New York Fashion Week always brings new names into the spotlight in the fashion industry. New designers of all backgrounds find their designs flaunted by some of the industry’s favorite models. This year’s New York Fashion Week featured several graduates of the Academy of Art University.
The Academy of Art University, founded in San Francisco in 1929, is an educational institute for people looking to work in design, communications, and the arts. Graduates from the Academy of Art University often go on to work on high profile events like the New York Fashion Week.
The Academy of Art University places importance on the diversity of its student body. Among the graduates present at New York Fashion Week was Saya Shen, a designer from Beijing, China. Her designs were shown off alongside those of Carlos Rodriguez, a fashion designer hailing from Mexico City.
The Academy is a popular choice for design hopefuls for many reasons, not the least of which is its unique creative environment. The teachers at the university are experienced and well-regarded in their fields and love imparting their wisdom to the next generation of designers. Most importantly, the employees of the university focus on inclusivity and do not care about the backgrounds of the people they are teaching. This environment allows for the perfect cultivation of another generation of design.
This particular fashion week featured several especially bold designs from Academy graduates. Joanna Jodallah, born in Chicago, IL, designed a lightweight tan shirt inspired by generations of her Palestinian ancestors. Ryan Yu, another designer coming all the way from China, brought a stunning black and white dress designed as an exercise in contrast. Dina Marie Lam of Los Angeles, inspired by the death of her aunt, create modest designs filled with emotion.
All in all, 10 graduates of the Academy of Art University had designs featured in this year’s fashion week. They came from all different kinds of backgrounds to make their names and designs known.