Kim Dao New Apartment

Recently YouTube vlogger Kim Dao posted a new video highlighting her new apartment ( She got a new apartment in Australia. She is excited to be moving back. Kim Dao felt as though she did not Vlog enough while she was in Europe. Now that she is back in Korea she is hoping to get back into a routine prior to her move to her new apartment in Australia. Kim Dao plans on doing more videos once she is living in Australia. Kim Dao and her boyfriend bought the apartment together in 2014. They felt they were ready to move on with their lives though they weren’t ready to move in together at that point. It took over three years for the apartment to be built. Next month she will be moving in with her boyfriend. They came to the decision when Kim Dao was 23, almost 24. Her friend who was selling apartments told Kim and her boyfriend about the new apartments that were being built. Kim and her boyfriend talked about it because apartments are quite expensive in Australia. They had to put down a 10% deposit. Kim’s boyfriend just went in for an inspection and they do wish the bedroom was a little bit bigger but they do love the modern kitchen and the fact that the apartment has two bathrooms. Learn more:

Beneful Dog Food at Quality Walmart Prices

Walmart is a proud distributor of Beneful dog food. In many instances, Walmart will mail out coupons and sometimes customers can sign up for Walmart coupons online. If you want coupons for Beneful dog food, sign up for the customer loyalty program at Walmart and you will receive promotions in the mail and also in email.

Additionally, Walmart has in store sales where it rolls back prices on items. Beneful dog food is apart of the rollback at Walmart. When the rollback occurs depends on specific timing in the year.

Walmart carries a variety of Beneful products that can range from $2.98 to $13.98. The range depends on weight and ingredients. For instance, the Beneful dog food that contains salmon is higher priced than the variety snack pack of Beneful dog food. However, although there is a specific range of dollar amounts referring to the dog food, the quality of Beneful products remains the same. Also, the dog food is high in antioxidants and vitamins, so it aims to nourish your pet.

Wet Beneful food is also a different price than dry baneful food. However, as previously mentioned, just because there is a difference in price does not change the quality of the Beneful dog food. Beneful dog food is tasty, satisfying and nourishing for your pet.

If you would like to learn more about the types of Beneful dog food offered at Walmart, if there are specials or coupons that pertain to Beneful dog food, please visit your local Walmart and inquire more!