Tony Petrello And Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries is an oil, natural gas and geothermal drilling contractor. They operate in the Americas, Middle East, Far East and Africa. The company provides support for both on shore and off shore oil drilling.

Tony Petrello was elected to the executive committee and board of directors in 1991. Prior to that Patrello received a degree from Harvard Law School as well as bachelors and masters degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. After his education Tony Petrello was at the law firm Baker & McKenzie were he practiced international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. He served as the managing partner of the firm’s New York office from 1986 until 1991. His roles at Nabors Industries include chief operating office from 1991-2011, president, deputy chairman since 2003, president and chief executive officer since October 2011, and also chairman of the board and executive committee since his appointment in 2012.

However, he was not able to make it back on that list in 2014. Since becoming CEO shares are up 180%, which isn’t bad, but shareholders are not happy with Petrello’s compensation. Petrello agreed to change the companies corporate governance and compensation practices. Changes included limiting executive severance payment to 3 times an executive’s salary and bonus, and giving shareholders the right to elect anyone with at least a 5% stake in the company to its board of directors.


Advances in Stem Cell Research Improves Quality of Life For People With Pulmonary Disease

The Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research met in Padua, Italy in November 2016. The purpose of this event was to review and discuss the application and progress of stem cell therapy and look into the future of where technology is moving on lung disease.

Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr. of the Baylor College of Medicine, attended this conference and spoke to the audience stating that “Our responsibility is to give the best, safest treatment to patients to relieve pain and suffering and prolong quality of life.” The quality of life is the goal the Lung Institute strives to achieve in administering the new technology of stem cell therapy. Replacing previous procedures with the latest IV process has not merely bettered the quality of life for people suffering from lung disease, but trimmed the cost of treatments of lung disease and in hospital visits and expenses.

The minimally invasive stem cell treatment is proving to be a huge breakthrough in the quality of life for people suffering from pulmonary disease. Dr. Coleman discussed how the new processes are regulated, reducing time and costs while increasing the availability of treatments to more patients. It is no enigma that this new stem cell technology is improving the quality of life for many people suffering from lung diseases like COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pneumoconiosis.

For more info regarding the Third International Congress, please see for the complete event recap. Also check out this article:

The facilities also offer Bone Marrow option for stem cell treatments in addition to the Venous stem cell therapy. The venous stem cell treatment is the latest and least invasive blood-derived treatment option, simply depending on the patient’s health and any heart condition, the venous therapy method is the least traumatic for the patient. The patient’s doctor will decide which method is the best treatment for the well-being of the soul.

The Lung Institute has clinics located in Tampa, FL – 813-642-6417, Nashville, TN – 615-988-1051, Scottsdale, AZ – 480-378-6658, Pittsburgh, PA – 724-635-4302, and Dallas, TX – 214-935-1699. Contact the Lung Institute at (800) 729-3065 to speak to a patient coordinator, or visit their website at for more info. Read the patirnts testimonials on

Securus Technologies Demonstrates Superiority in Product Development

Securus Technologies, a tech company that specializes in the provision of technology used in the monitoring, investigation, and maintenance of public safety, challenged the quality of Global Tel Link’s products. Global Tel Link is a Securus’ rival company and provides similar services. Securus Technologies approached a technology judge to have him validate who has the best, sophisticated and modern technology-based products. Global Tel Link instigated this technology bake-off when they tried to compare their products to those developed by Securus Technologies.


Richard Smith’s thoughts on this technology bake-off


According to CEO Richard Smith, it was unfair for Global Tel Link to compare themselves with Securus. This comparison act was uncalled for because Securus had dedicated four years and invested over $700 million in the development of their products. Additionally, Securus Technologies has experience in developing high-tech products and has acquired companies. The products to be compared include customer services and telephone calling platforms. Richard further elaborated that Securus Technologies is familiar with Global Tel Link systems. Securus claimed that it owns a larger product set as well as a call center, unlike Global Tel Link that outsources these services.


Securus Technologies products are incomparable. Their systems such as Voice Biometrics, Data Analytics, Video Visitation, Payment Facilitation, Jail Management System, and Location Based Services are the best in the market. Previous Global Tel Link’s customers also testify that Securus Technologies products are more superior. The win/loss ratios also confirm that Securus Technologies generate more revenue than their competitors. Customers also claim that they prefer Securus three times more than they do Global Tel Link. Richard urged Global Tel Link to take the technology challenge.